No Pre-Heating:
Heats up instantly. Saves time and energy. No stand by energy cost.

Outside Dimensions:
Wide (incl. Control Unit) 17 Inches
Deep 13.5 Inches
High 13 Inches

Size Pizzas:
Redi-Kwick cooks pizzas up to 12 inches.

25 Lbs

Cooking Space:
Wide 12.5 Inches
Deep 12.5 Inches

Counter top - Just plug it in

No moving parts (no wear and tear)

No external ventilation or flu required. Thermo turbulence
without a fan (that can break).

Operating oven temperature:
400 - 500 degrees F

Heating elements:
Top and bottom elements independently controlled
for maximum flexibility and optimum cooking.

Heating method:
Radiant infrared heat.

Heating element life:
Minimum 10,000 hours (no measurable wear and tear)

Power Requirements:
120 volt, 25 amps

Independent controls for top and bottom elements.
Analogue - easy-to-learn - easy-to-use

Easy-to-clean (empty the crumb tray)

News Story
Pizza Can Rate 'Bravissimo' for Health

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