Brick Oven Pizza
New Profit Center

Additional pictures of Redi-Kwick

Cooks Brick Oven Pizzas!
No Pre-Heat of the Oven
(patent pending)

  • From Freezer to Fingers in 6-8 min
  • Cooks Fresh or Frozen Pizzas
  • No Pre-Heating - Very Low Energy Cost!
  • Easy-to-Install! - Easy-to-use!
  • No Kitchen Required
  • No Need to Hire Extra People

Just Plug It In And Make Money!

Redi-Kwick cooks fresh or frozen pizzas equally well.

Profit based on pizza sales per day

Redi-Kwick increased our profit!

I lost room service profit to the nearby Domino's Pizza. The solution was Redi-Kwick, which took only five minutes to install. Redi-Kwick requires no pre-heating and cooks a 12-inch pizza of brick oven quality in only 8 minutes. The dough rises twice as high in Redi-Kwick as in a regular oven. There is no need for dough making equipment. We buy ready-made pizza crust and add our own sauce and toppings. Customers tell us that our pizza tastes great. We can deliver pizzas to our guests in their rooms within 15 minutes after receiving the orders, twice as fast as outside delivery. We have won the pizza trade at our hotel. Redi-Kwick is very profitable, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. Redi-Kwick also shuts off automatically when the pizza is ready, so our kitchen staff can work with other things while pizzas are cooking. Redi-Kwick is also easy-to-clean and easy to maintain. We only need to empty the crumb tray.

Chef Jeff Eggleston
Ramada Inn
Newport News, VA

Additional pictures from Chef Jeff's Ramada Inn

Pictures from Hampton Road's Iceplex
Yorktown, Virginia